This is the place where Leoren dumps her notes. Tada! Note that this page is a literal "Note Dump", so it's purely my notes and not a 100% source of truth. But if it somehow helps you get by in anyway, then you're welcome. 💁🏻

Jul 31, 2018

So I presented in SREcon Asia/Australia 2018

I was grateful to bring my company’s presence on the stage for the second time around in SREcon Asia/Australia held in Singapore this year. It was nerve-racking as it was...

Mar 23, 2018

Mentoring: A Mentee's Perspective - Slides

Here are my slides for my talk - Mentoring: A Mentee’s Perspective You can also download the PDF .

Mar 23, 2018

Creating your React App From Scratch

Step by step guide on how to create your own React App from scratch! Finished Template: react-template Things to Set up npm webpack babel es6 to es5 (plugin) jsx to...

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