In this document, we will be learning about the basic components of kubernetes and how to create them. Prerequisites We need a hypervisor - install VirtualBox This is something that we need inorder to run the nodes for our Kubernetes cluster, they can also be run on bare-metal, but since we will be running the nodes on our laptop, we will be running them on VMs. Install kubectl k8s command line tool From: https://kubernetes.

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If you’re like me, and is tying to follow a tutorial about SQL which is using Adventureworks on Mac… or just simply wanna play with a good sample DB. Here’s a step by step guide on how to set it up. Prerequisites You will need Docker Install Azure Data Studio Download Adventureworks (any of the OLTP downloads would work) Run SQL Server This is using this instruction - https://docs.

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Step by step guide on how to create your own React App from scratch! Finished Template: react-template Things to Set up npm webpack babel es6 to es5 (plugin) jsx to es5 (plugin) polyfill ( -> build.js) -babel will transform everything back to a build.js file gulp *.scss -> css http (server lint for js and css Basic Set Up 1) Create new app directory $ mkdir my-app $ cd my-app 2) NPM A package manager for JavaScript.

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This is the place where Leoren dumps her notes! Take note that this page is a literal note dump, so it’s purely my notes and not a 100% source of truth. But if it somehow helps you get by in anyway, then you’re welcome. 💁🏻